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Why use microfiber cloths for car detailing ?

Good quality microfiber cloths are nonabrasive and don’t cause scratches when cleaning. Also, the fibers don’t shed and produce lint that gets stuck on surfaces.

The thickness or density of the microfiber refers to the number of fibers available per square inch. The more fibers there are, the more absorbent and effective the cleaning towel would be.
Thick microfiber car towels will be marketed as “plush” products, much like fluffy bath towels. The thick towels are the best for buffing and polishing cars.
They are supremely scratch-resistant. The soft fibers will not damage delicate paints or other vehicle surfaces. The towels are great for detailing vehicles without worrying about abrasions. A towel can absorb moisture up to eight times its own weight.
The towels are reusable. After each use, you can machine wash the cleaning cloths and reuse. The towels don’t lose absorbency after washing.
For car detailing, thicker microfiber towels are the best. The thicker towels tend to be absorbent and less likely to leave streaks on the surface of the car paint. These towels are also great for absorbing wax and polish without leaving fingerprints on the car.

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